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PROJECT Without End, Without Doubt (4K / color / 110 / China) NO 26
PRODUCTION Fabula Entertainment
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Gong Wen, also known as Zhang Bin, was born in 1984, in Lanzhou, the biggest city of China’s Northwestern Province, Gansu. After completing his degree in Literature of Theatre, Film, and Television at Tianshui Normal University, he left his hometown to pursue a career in the capital.
Before working as a commercial director, Gong worked as a documentary filmmaker, notably for a series called Panoramic Eyeshot of Phoenix on Phoenix Television. During his eight-year career as an independent commercial director, Gong has accumulated considerable experience and a growing pool of clients. In the fall of 2016, Gong began the preparation and co-development of his first feature film project, Without End, Without Doubt, with screenwriter Li Kai. The film is expected to begin shooting at the end of 2019 in both China and Russia.
Jia Zhang-ke was born in Fenyang, Shanxi, in 1970 and graduated from Beijing Film Academy. His debut feature, Xiao Wu (1997), won prizes at Berlin International Film Festival 1998, and since then, his films have routinely premiered at major European festivals. Still Life (2006) won the Golden Lion at Venice International Film Festival 2006, and A Touch of Sin (2013) won the Best Screenplay prize at Cannes Film Festival 2013. Jia received the Leopard of Honor at Locarno Festival 2010.
Also in 2010, he funded the “Wings Project” to promote young directors and help with their growth. Since its inauguration, eight years ago, the eight films presented have received a total of 17 awards from international film festivals.

Founded by film director Jia Zhang-ke, Fabula Entertainment is a commercial film company focusing on film development, production and distribution. In addition, Fabula also explores film education and film related life-style building. The company’s main office is in Shanghai, China.
On the Sino-Russian border, in a small town in the Northeast region of China, it’s the beginning of another bitterly cold winter.
Running away from the little town, Zhuo Ya, a biracial Chinese-Russian girl, and her boyfriend, ‘Rainmaker’, are being hunted down by a mysterious man, Luo Kun. Until three days ago, Luo was a hunting guide, specializing in organizing wolf-hunting trips in the snowfields for Chinese merchants in an easterly harbor town in Russia. When Luo initially refuses Chai Er Wan’s demand to kidnap Zhuo, Chai abducts Luo’s daughter and holds her captive. In order to save his daughter, Luo is forced to cross the border and go after Zhuo. As for Chai, he isn’t in fact a malicious man. Chai only wishes to capture Zhuo because the Tsarevitch, the mastermind behind the crime, has put a large bounty on her. With the money, Chai dreams of moving his hotel from the Chinese side of the border, where he has spent most of his life, back to his hometown in Russia. For the Tsarevitch, his motive for capturing the girl is so that he can have a liver transplant, and hence gain a new life. Their fates are all intertwined in the snow-covered border hotel in the midst of the blizzard.
Each character is doing whatever it takes to obtain a new identity. Zhuo Ya was bullied for her biracial features and is eager to flee from the border town and find freedom; Luo Kun wishes to repair his relationship with his daughter, and start fatherhood anew; Chai Er Wan wants to become a real Russian; and even for mastermind, the Tsarevitch, his crimes are motivated by the hope of making a clean break from his despicable past.
When the blizzard passes, all that remains is a blanket of white snow, covering both the living and the dead.
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