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PROJECT ABOKKE (HD / color / 110 / Japan) NO 1
PRODUCTION trixta co., ltd.
PROJECT STATUSPre-production
Born in 1984 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Suzuki Yohei graduated from the Department of Moving Images and Performing Arts Faculty of Art and Communication at Tama Art University. His debut feature, OW (2014), was nominated for the Best New Director Award at Vancouver International Film Festival 2014 and screened at New Directors/New Films 2015, Vienna International Film Festival 2015 and International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016. His idiosyncratic humor satirizing Japanese society received high praise from the likes of British writer and film commentator Tony Rayns. His latest title, YEAH (2018), premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018. He is currently working on his second feature, ABOKKE.
Tsutsui Ryohei was born in Tokyo, and raised in Japan and the United States. Graduating from Keio University, after 5 successful years in dot-com startups, he entered a national film school producers program at Tokyo University of Arts. After graduation, he started running his own company trixta co., Ltd. His latest title, Bangkok Nites (Tomita Katsuya, 2016), premiered at the Locarno Festival 2016 (International Competition) and received the Junior Jury Award. He is now producing IGUANA TOKYO, a co-production between Germany, Turkey and Japan; with shooting planned to start in October 2018.

trixta co., ltd. was founded as a motion picture production company. Recent works include feature films, TV commercials, and media art.
The company has co-produced Bangkok Nites (Katsuya Tomita): Locarno Festival 2016 Junior Jury Award winner; Released in February 2017.
They are also a production company of Miscellaneous Alliance (Kinoshita Yusuke) from Kore-eda′s executive produced omnibus project Ten Years Japan which will be world premiered in Busan this year.
The story is set in the provincial city of Mito. Eiichi is a youngster who works as a musical events organizer. He lives with his younger sister, Makoto. Their father was a big shot in town but disappeared suddenly when they were children. Fujiwara, their guardian, has become a local potentate whose power now exceeds that of their father and dominates the financial world. Influenced by an urban development plan pushed by Fujiwara, the underground culture to which Eiichi belongs is in decline. The everyday conflicts with Fujiwara have become depressing for Eiichi. One day, heavily distressed by his own failure regarding an important music event, Eiichi comes up with the idea of holding a new event at a cave in the midst of the site of an old goldmine, known as Abokke. However, he comes into conflict with his colleagues and even with his sister when he yields to the temptation presented by Fujiwara to raise funds for the event. Eiichi becomes isolated and disappears mysteriously into the blaring music right in the middle of the event at the cave. Makoto is deeply hurt by Eiichi’s apparent abscondence. Fujiwara announces his candidacy for mayor and his predatory practices significantly alter the town. Will Eiichi forever be shrouded in darkness? Since his disappearance, there have been a lot of mysterious phenomena in the cave, which turn out to be signs of a coming catharsis to be triggered by Eiichi, who will soon be back!
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