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PROJECT Yanagawa (HD / color / 90 / Korea) NO 27
PROJECT STATUSPre-production
Zhang Lu debuted with his first short film Eleven (2001) and feature film Tang Poetry (2003). He has filmed twelve feature films as of 2018.
He has been living in Korea and making films there since 2012. Regarded by critics has having “thoroughly imbued his films with a Korean Chinese identity,” he continues to film Korea with an understanding of its space based on a sense of distance capable from a marginal position.
Producer Oh Sehyun majored in art and has been making experimental films since 2004. He has been working with Zhang Lu for five years, first as a production assistant for Gyeongju (2013) and more recently as a producer of Ode to the Goose (2017) and Fukuoka (2018).
Fifteen years ago, Jinhyuk was unable to express his love for Yucheon and instead helped his brother Jinwoo get into a romantic relationship with her. Fickle as he is, Jinwoo met another woman as soon as he went to college. He is now married to yet another woman.
Yucheon left Korea in her late-teens. She moved to England where she went to college. There, she learned that her name shares the same Chinese characters as the name of her friend’s hometown, Yanagawa. She traveled to Yanagawa and ended up living there. She makes a living singing in a café with live music.
Diagnosed with terminal illness, Jinhyuk offers Jinwoo to travel to Yanagawa with him. Jinwoo refuses at first but decides to join Jinhyuk after seeing a clip of Yucheon singing.
The three are reunited in Yanagawa. Just like the old days, Jinwoo unhesitatingly expresses his love for Yucheon; Yucheon readily accepts Jinwoo; and Jinhyuk lingers around Yucheon. But this time, Jinhyuk is anxious to hear whether Yucheon remembers the two days they “made love like crazy.” She says she doesn’t.
As Jinwoo leaves ahead for Seoul, Jinhyuk and Yucheon are left to spend time together. Although having promised Yucheon to follow her anywhere she goes, Jinhyuk leaves Yanagawa without a word. A year later at Jinhyuk’s funeral, Yucheon confesses to Jinhyuk in heaven that she indeed remembers the two days they “made love like crazy.”
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