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PROJECT The Egg (HD / color / 90 / Italy, Malaysia) NO 5
PRODUCTION Nanyang Brothers Film
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Coming from a family with a tradition in film business, Alessandro Trapani graduated in Film History from the University of Rome. He later attended a filmmaking course at the New York University and an acting class with Susan Strasberg and started his professional experience in 1995, soon becoming a first AD and alternating this role with casting directing. He has gained invaluable experience working with many international directors.
In 2005 he started directing, spanning from short movies to music videos, from documentaries to video-art. Lin Fei (2007), a short movie about a Chinese Taiji master in Rome, was in competition at the MedFilm Festival and the Salerno International Film Festival.
He is presently shooting a documentary about a group of Syrian refugees in Rome. He has also other projects in preparation, one being a documentary about bringing music to the people who survived the disaster in Fukushima prefecture, Japan.
Leonard Tee is a Malaysian producer who has worked extensively in the Malaysian film industry, primarily with independent directors. Several of the films he produced made it to the international film festival circuit.
In 2006 he established the Malaysian office of Tsai Ming-Liang’s Homegreen Films and co-produced Tsai’s I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone (2006), screened at the Venice International Film Festival 2006. By Tsai Ming Liang he’s also produced It’s a Dream (2007), Madame Butterfly (2008) and Walking on Water (2013).
He later produced The New Village (Wong Kew Lit, 2013), and Day and Night (Ho Yuhang, Charlotte Lim, Yeo Joon Han, 2014), an omnibus release by 3 Malaysian filmmakers. In 2015, he produced You Mean the World to Me (Saw Teong Hin, 2015). He then produced The White Girl (Christopher Doyle, Jenny Suen, 2017). Leonard’s most recent credit is Fly by Night (Zahir Omar, 2018).
Ming Lu, a renowned Chinese conceptual artist, has reached success at the expense of his family’s unity. After years of silence Ming learns that his daughter Jing is about to get married in Sicily, a faraway place he has barely heard about. His world suddenly turns upside down and he decides it’s time to go look for her.
In Sicily, with the help of Blanche, a failed Eurasian art historian, and Mike, an eccentric Sicilian from the small-time underworld, Ming embarks on a journey that will take him to discover the most hidden aspects of the region. He will follow misleading leads but will get hold of an ostrich egg - a reminder of his daughter from the past; he will get robbed and deprived of his identity and dignity; he will end up in a refugee camp from which he will manage to escape with the help and friendship of Salif, a refugee musician from Mali; he will finally manage to locate his daughter and the family of her Italian husband, but only to find out that she already got married and left for her honeymoon. It was her who sent him news about the wedding, wishing to see if there was still some love left for her from her father. Eventually Ming decides to spend some more time in Italy to follow a renewed flare of creativity.
Six months later, Ming’s new exhibition in Milan marks a completely new course and finally Jing is there in person, reunited with her father.
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