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PROJECT Bone Trumpet (HD / color / 80 / Nepal, France) NO 4
PRODUCER Min Bahadur BHAM, Catherine DUSSART
PRODUCTION Shooney Films, Catherine Dussart Production (CDP)
PROJECT STATUSScript Development, Development
Fidel Devkota is a filmmaker and visual anthropologist from Nepal who has been active as a filmmaker, anthropologist, photographer, and lecturer for the past decade. His works are mainly focused on human-environmental relationships, addressing the themes of spiritual, social, and economic transformation in a time of environmental and political change in the Himalayas. Bone Trumpet will be his debut fiction film.
PRODUCER - Min Bahadur BHAM, Catherine DUSSART
Min Bahadur Bham is an award-winning film director/producer from Nepal. He owns production company, Shooney Films, which has produced several films including The Flute (Min Bahadur Bham, 2012), a Venice International Film Festival 2012 nominee; Serdhak: The Golden Hill (Rajan Kathet, 2015), screened at Montreal World Film Festival 2015; The Black Hen (Min Bahadur Bham, 2015), winner of the Fedeora Award for Best Film, Venice International Film Critics’ Week 2015; Year of the Bird (Shenang Gyamjo Tamang, 2016), in competition at Busan International Film Festival 2016; and A Curious Girl (Rajesh Prasad Khatri, 2017), winner of the Special Prize of the Generation KPlus International Jury, Berlin International Film Festival 2018.

Currently, Shooney Films is developing the projects Seasons of Dragonflies (Abinash Bikram Shah, CNC Prize, Locarno Open Doors 2016); A Year of Cold (Min Bahadur Bham, Asian Cinema Fund, Asian Project Market 2017, ARTE Kino International Prize, Locarno Open Doors Hub 2018, Cinefondation Residence, Cannes Film Festival 2018); and Bone Trumpet (Fidel Devkota, Asian Project Market 2018).
Three people, a LAMA (45), a NOMAD (40) and a wandering WOMAN (30) meet under mysterious circumstances, as the long winter comes to an end in the Himalayas of Nepal. A mountain nomad is desperately fighting for his existence due to the loss of his traditional livelihood. Inexplicable things are happening in the pastures. Strange things are underfoot, the growling sounds of wild foxes and snow leopards grow nearer every day, only punctuated by the desperate cries of a woman. There have also been sightings of mysterious figures in and around the pastureland. Nomad believes that it is a sign that the local deities and spirits of his ancestors are angry with him for slowly giving up on their culture and traditions. He seeks help from an Ngagpa monk (Lama) from a nearby village, hoping for divine intervention to quell the wrath and vengeance of his ancestors and local spirits. The Ngagpa monk is faced with his own desperate economic realities, and contemplating migration to the city with his family as a last resort. He agrees to assist the nomad, hoping that the nomad will help him, too. On his way to the pasture, the monk meets a woman with her own reasons for being there.
Bone Trumpet describes the journey of these three individuals, who are confronting a desperate reality and looking to end their suffering. As they converge, numerous dramatic events unfold which shed light on the past and present of these characters and the circumstances leading to their meeting in the pasture. Their meeting may not have been mere coincidence, and as they part ways their destinies may have been changed forever.
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