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PROJECT Yesterday Will Be Perfect (5K / color / 100 / Hong Kong (China), Canada) NO 29
PRODUCTION Golden Gate Productions Limited
PROJECT STATUSPre-production
Timothy Yeung began his career at a Toronto Chinese television station, directing and producing a travel food program, Magic Kitchen (2009), and various television commercials (for Ajisen Ramen, Subaru, etc.). He earned his MFA in Film Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. His short film, 90 Days (2013), screened at numerous festivals (Vancouver International Film Festival 2013, Palm Springs International ShortFest 2014, etc.) and garnered many awards (Kodak Gold Award, Panavision Best North American Short, etc.). 90 Days (2013) was sold to the Sundance Channel for distribution, screened on Air Canada Airlines, and at the Canadian National Screen Institute, where it received the A&E Short Filmmakers Award for Best Film. Timothy has also worked in Hong Kong on various commercial projects, and worked under directors Andrew Lau and Peter Chan. He is an alumnus of the Toronto International Film Festival Talent Lab, a finalist at the FIRST Financing Forum of FIRST International Film Festival Xining, and trained at Berlinale Talents Tokyo.
Feron Lau has been in the Hong Kong film industry for over 20 years, since joining Golden Harvest in the 90s. She became Head of Business Affairs at Emperor Motion Pictures, facilitating productions and co-production deals. In 2016, she joined Golden Gate Productions Ltd., specializing in film financing.

Julia Chu is a senior film producer in Hong Kong, who has previously worked at D&B Films, Go East Entertainment, etc. She has collaborated with prominent Hong Kong filmmakers, Mabel Cheung, Clara Law, Tsui Hark, Benny Chan, and others. She established Golden Gate Productions Ltd., producing provocative films with audience appeal, focusing on film financing, integrating foreign and domestic resources, and cultivating new filmmakers. Notable films by Golden Gate Productions include Theory of Ambitions (Philip Yung, 2018), Fagara (Heiward Mak, 2019), Fatal Visit (Poon Yuen-Leung, 2018), Port of Call (Philip Yung, 2015), Shed Skin Papa (Roy Szeto, 2016), Dealer/Healer (Lawrence Ah Mon, 2017), As the Light Goes Out (Kwok Chi-kin, 2014), Two Thumbs Up (Lau Ho Leung, 2015), and others.
Liang (22) is a Chinese woman on a student visa, who came to Toronto to escape her overbearing mother’s control. She works as an illicit surrogate TOEFL test-taker and enjoys fraternizing with the local Chinese thugs. Liang doesn’t have a care in the world, except for her best friend and secret love, Yee (21); who is too focused on staying in Toronto to pursue her dreams in theatre to notice.
One day, their friend, Wah (24), is rejected for a work permit. The reality of how hard it will be for them to stay in Toronto after graduating sets in. To take control of their own fates, Liang and Yee find a shortcut; “buying” Canadian men to marry, and divorcing them once they get their permanent residence. Wah agrees to be the guinea pig. Liang finds a fake husband for Wah, and they develop strategies to cheat the government to convince them of Wah’s fake marriage.
After Wah’s success, the girls have no more money to “buy” surrogate husbands. Liang plans to make money by setting up a “match-making service”, selling fake marriages to rich Chinese visa students who need permanent residency to validate themselves to their families.
What started as a strategy to safeguard their legal status in Canada soon evolves into a thriving underground fake marriage ring. But, when the Canadian government cracks down on their syndicate, friendships are sacrificed, and Liang and Yee’s bond is torn apart. As her world spirals out of control, what does the future hold for Liang?
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