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PROJECT Man of the Sea (HD / color / 100 / Korea) NO 14
WRITER Jéro YUN, JEONG kyung-hwan
PROJECT STATUSPre-production
Born in Busan, Jéro Yun studied Art and Cinema in France. After his short film, Promise (2011), won Grand Prize at the Asiana International Short Film Festival 2011, he produced and directed several more short films. Two of his movies were selected at Cannes Film Festival 2016; Mrs. B, a North Korean Woman (2016) in the ACID, and Hitchhiker (2016) in Directors′ Fortnight. That same year, he won Best Documentary at both the Moscow International Film Festival 2016 and Zurich Film Festival 2016 with Mrs. B, a North Korean Woman (2016). His feature film documentary, Letters (2017), co-directed with Marte Vold, and co-produced with Norwegian production company Mer Film, was in competition at Busan International Film Festival 2017, Göteborg Film Festival 2018, and CPH:DOX Film Festival 2018. He has just finished feature film, Beautiful days (2018), starring famous actress Lee Na-young, to be released in Korea this year and produced by Peppermint&company; production company of The Witch (Park Hoon-jung, 2018), V.I.P (Park Hoon-jung, 2017), and I Saw the Devil (Kim Jee-woon, 2010).
In the same year he made Mrs. B, a North Korean Woman (2016) Jero Yun also produced and directed Hitchhiker (2016), with his company K PLUS Y, supported by the Ministry of Unification and KOFIC. Following that, as Korean co-producer he received the Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund from Busan International Film Festival 2016 for Letters (2017), co-produced alongside Norwegian production and distribution company Mer Film.
In winter, the metal door of a prison opens. A man in his thirties comes out. A cold wind is blowing. He’s going somewhere. The man arrives at the harbor. He climbs onto one of the old fishing boats, and looks around him. The fishing boats come and go on the sea, and he looks to a hill, where the houses are stuck together like a slum. Thoughtful, he plunges into memory.
5 years ago, a summer in Busan, the man works as an ordinary fisherman. He lives near ‘Jagalchi’ fish market, in a place known as Slum Hill. The man has no name and is without a past. He has knife scars on his body, and an old piano in which he has hidden a bag filled with cash. One day, his life is changed by a twenty-year-old girl, called Daizin, from East Asia.
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