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PROJECT Nirvana Inn (HD / color / 100 / India) NO 17
PRODUCTION Stray Factory
PROJECT STATUSPre-production
Self-taught independent filmmaker from Chennai, Vijay Jayapal started out by making short films, corporate videos and TVCs. His short films have played at festivals, both in India and abroad. Vijay made his feature debut in 2016 with Tamil language film Revelations, which had its world premiere at Busan International Film Festival. It was also screened at several other festivals in Göteborg, Mumbai, Osaka, New York, Italy, Kerala, Pune and Bangalore. The film was then released worldwide on streaming platform Netflix to much critical acclaim. Nirvana Inn will be his second feature film as writer/director.
Mathivanan Rajendran is a performing arts & media producer and is the founder of Stray Factory. His recent productions Stray Stories (2016), a Documentary web series that focuses on positive stories from marginalized communities and Black Sheep (2016), an 8-part web series have been syndicated across OTT platforms. His maiden feature film production Nasir is India′s first co-production with the Netherlands and was awarded the NFF+HBF coproduction grant.
Sethu, 40, was once a renowned Kathakali dancer. But long years of poverty had forced Sethu to give up his art and become a boat driver, carrying tourists across the river on a daily basis. On one of those days, Sethu, now filled with suicidal thoughts, intentionally capsizes the boat, killing all, while he himself miraculously escapes. Tormented with guilt, he flees and takes up a new job as a caretaker of “Nirvana Inn”, a Himalayan resort run by Kumar. Among the guests staying at the resort include Leela, a filmmaker writing a horror movie. A family of four newly arrives as guests and soon their weird behaviour begins to dread Sethu. Sethu also comes across Mohini, a mysterious and seductive young woman, who becomes Sethu’s co-worker at the resort, much to his dismay. Both Mohini and the family had been on the boat that fateful day and Sethu now fears that they have come back from the dead to take revenge on him. While the Family’s creepy behaviour always keeps Sethu on his toes, he also slowly gets drawn into Mohini though he has doubts that she could be a ghost. Sethu also frequently encounters a mysterious stalker wearing a Kathakali mask, who eventually turns out to be Sethu’s doppelganger. All hell breaks lose when Kumar goes missing and Leela supposedly gets possessed with an evil spirit. Sethu fears that Mohini and the Family are responsible for these “supernatural” acts. But is this really what it is? Or is this all one long weird dream in Sethu’s mind?
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