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PROJECT The Idiots (4K / color / 90 / Hong Kong (China)) NO 9
PRODUCTION Beautiful Productions Limited
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Cheung King Wai’s first fiction short, Farewell Hong Kong (2002), competed at Sundance Film Festival 2002. His documentary, All’s Right with the World (2008), was nominated for the Humanitarian Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2008. His documentary, KJ: Music and Life (2009), won Best Documentary, Best Sound Effects, and Best Editing at the Golden Horse Awards 2009, and earned four nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards 2010, winning Best New Director. His fiction short, Crimson Jade (2010), was nominated for Best Short Film at the Golden Horse Awards 2010 and competed at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2011. His documentary, One Nation, Two Cities (2011), was nominated for the Humanitarian Award at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2011. His fiction short, Hill of Ilha Verde (2014), was awarded Best Story at Macao International Film and Video Festival 2014. His documentary, The Taste of Youth (2016), was selected at Hong Kong International Film Festival 2016. His first fiction feature, Somewhere Beyond the Mist (2017), competed at Busan International Film Festival 2017 and earned three nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards 2018.
Derek Yee was born into an acting/film family. He spent nine years with the Shaw Brothers Studio, acting in over 40 films. Moving into directing in 1986, his fiction feature, The Lunatics (1986), was named as one of the top 10 Chinese movies of the year. C′est La Vie, Mon Cheri (1993) was awarded six grand prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards 1994 and Viva Erotica (1996) was nominated at the Hong Kong Film Awards 1996 and Berlin International Film Festival 1997.
Derek has also produced many successful movies, including Overheard 1, 2 and 3 (Felix Chong and Alan Mak, 2009, 2011, 2014), The Bullet Vanishes (Law Chi-Leung, 2012), The Vanished Murderer (Law Chi-Leung, 2015), Knife in the Clear Water (Wang Xuebo, 2016), and Somewhere Beyond the Mist (Cheung King Wai, 2017). Derek likes to produce true to life movies of high quality and which appeal to a varied audience.
High school dropout Chi, 25, is dejected by the realities of life and joins a group of political activists in an attempt to find some greater meaning. Plain-looking Jane, 30, ensnares herself in wild fantasies writing online erotica while also working at her father’s currency exchange.
Chi’s father is hooked on gambling and subjects his family to harassment by debt collectors. A disgusted Chi finds solace in activism. Jane walks into the middle of a clash between his group and the police, giving inspiration to her erotic fantasies. Chi is arrested for rioting and decides that if he is heading to jail he will go there with no regrets left behind.
Chi attends his ex-girlfriend’s wedding and makes out with the bride. Jane attends the same wedding and, bored, walks in on them. She begins to fantasize about making love with Chi. Chi decides to go whoring in Mainland China and exchanges renminbi at Jane’s shop. Once he leaves, Jane searches for Chi online and connects with him on Tinder.
As Chi’s trial nears, he finds vent for his anxieties with hookers. He starts texting Jane, through whose words he finds consolation. During an emotional breakdown, Chi tells Jane he is going to jail. She offers him her virginity. Touched, Chi decides to buy her a parting gift. He resolves to rob a currency exchange to get the cash, but is repelled by Jane, neither recognizing the other.
Using CCTV footage to track him down, Chi is besieged by police at his home. He escapes, but falls to his death. After recognizing Chi on the news, Jane goes to the hotel she had booked for their date and masturbates in tears.
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