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PROJECT Soundtrack of an Eternal Day (working title) (2K / color / 95 / Japan, China) NO 23
PRODUCTION J&K Entertainment Inc. (Japan), Movie Addict Productions Ltd. (Hong Kong)
PROJECT STATUSDevelopment, Financing
Yukisada Isao was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1968. He made his feature film directing debut with Sunflower (2000), which won the FIPRESCI Award at Busan International Film Festival 2000. He won numerous further awards with Go (2001), including the Japan Academy Film Prize 2002 Best Director Prize. With subsequent films Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2004), Year One in the North (2005), Spring Snow (2005), Closed Diary (2007), and A Good Husband (2009); officially selected at Busan International Film Festival 2009, he cemented his status as a hit filmmaker.
He won the FIPRESCI Prize at Berlin International Film Festival 2010 for Parade (2009), and since then he has directed Before the Vigil (2013); The Round Table (2014), which was officially selected at the Shanghai International Film Festival 2014; Five Minutes to Tomorrow (2014), which screened in the Open Cinema at Busan International Film Festival 2014; Pink and Gray (2015); Aroused by Gymnopedies (2016); and Narratage (2017). His latest film, River’s Edge (2018), was his fourth film to appear in the Panorama at Berlin International Film Festival and also won the director his second Berlinale FIPRESCI Prize.
Katahara Tomoko is a producer and president of J&K Entertainment Inc. (Japan).
J&K Entertainment was established in 2008, and has produced titles including Rail Truck (Kawaguchi Hirofumi, 2009, Japan/Taiwan), Five Minutes to Tomorrow (Yukisada Isao, 2014, Japan/China), and others.

Mathew Tang is a producer and president of Movie Addict Productions Ltd. (Hong Kong).
Mathew was head of productions at Edko Films from 2009 to 2012, after which he founded Movie Addict Productions Ltd. (Hong Kong), in 2012.
Some of his production credits include Cold War (Leung Lok Man, 2012), Finding Mr. Right 1 (Xue Xiaolu, 2013) and Finding Mr. Right 2 (Xue Xiaolu, 2016).
A city corner in the 80’s; Yang, a junior high student and rock music fan meets Nico, a girl who just stole a vinyl record. The two throw the stolen record across a lake. At that moment, they hear music pouring out of the spinning record, and this remains an unforgettable memory for the both of them.
25 years later, Yang has become a movie director. Exhausted by the world of showbiz, Yang escapes back to his hometown. There, he reunites with Nico, who has a daughter now. She also has a husband, Ron, but nevertheless the two become close.
One day, Nico tells Yang, "My daughter is dead." Yang rushes to Nico′s apartment but finds that the daughter is alive. Ron tells him, "My wife is a liar so, don′t trust her." The daughter has bruises on her face. Ron explains, "That wasn′t me. It′s Nico who′s abusing her."
Yang feels a sense of unease but decides to trust his "beloved” Nico for now.
Yang gets a phone call from the producer of his movie. They have finally gotten investors for their tentative project and he is asked to continue writing the script. Yang tells his producer that he has, "reunited with the woman who was the model for the movie (Nico), and has fallen in love with her, so it′ll be a good movie." To this, his producer advises him, "Don′t mess with a woman who has a family."
Yang goes to Nico′s apartment again, but finds it surrounded by police cars, and one of the officers tells him that a child has been beaten to death. Nico is taken away from her apartment by the police in front of a dumbstruck Yang.
He falls to his knees and lets out a wail.
-- As the movie cuts to the last scene, the song from the record plays. Nico is the only one sitting in the movie theater. As tears flow from her eyes, the projectionist stops the film. "Why did you stop it?" Nico cries out angrily, and is told, "There’s nobody else watching. Go home!"
Nico leaves the theater alone, humming "that song."
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