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PROJECT Undefined (HD / color / 100min / Korea) NO 25
PRODUCTION Parade Pictures
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Seo Eunyoung directed several short films that premiered and sometimes awarded at international film festivals in Korea including Rainy Season (2013), Start of Murder (2015), and Albaparadaiso (2014). Overman (2015) is her directorial debut. This film was awarded Daemyung Culture Wave Award in Busan International Film Festival 2015 and premiered in Korea in 2016.
Producer Park Youngsoo participated in many film, documentary, VR productions as a producer. His recent feature film Overman (2015) was invited to the Busan International Film Festival 2015 and premiered in Korea in 2016. He is producing a documentary film Family in the bubble (2016) now. This film, was awarded Best Documentary Pitching Prize in Jeonju International Film Festival and gained good result from internal/overseas market such as Hot Docs, will be unveiled to the public next year.
Aejung, a surgeon, is the daughter of an undertaker.

One day she performed CPR to a patient who signed the documentation implementing DNR order and she was placed under probation for 1 month from the hospital.

After a few days, she received a message telling her grandfather is in critical condition. So she headed for her hometown where she hasn't visited for a long time. Her father succeeded the family business as a mortician. After her father's death, she never visited her hometown.

Her hometown is where the people adhere to a traditional life style. They still wore traditional and conventional costumes in traditional houses.

The town was full of rumors that a monster lives in the mountain. The atmosphere of the town became chaotic since lots of people said that they saw the monster in person, and many livestock in town were slaughtered and eventually damage of human life occurred. Aejung didn't trust the rumor but she faced the monster in person and she was shocked because the monster was her dead father. But she tries to protect her father who became a monster while facing to the people who pursue their profit by using the monster. Finally, Aejung happens to know the secret regarding her father’s death and falls into the confusion.
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