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PROJECT STONE LAND (HD / color / 90min / Iraq, Japan, Germany) NO 24
WRITER Mehmet AKTAS, Shawkat Amin KORKI
PRODUCTION mîtosfilm
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Born in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1973, Shawkat Amin Korki and his family fled from military oppression in 1975, living in exile in Iran for 24 years. In Iran, and later after his return to Kurdistan, he worked in theater, television and cinema.

Korki wrote, directed and produced his first feature film, Crossing the Dust (2006), in Iraqi Kurdistan. It screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2007. The film won many international prizes, including the Best Director and NETPAC Awards at Singapore International Film Festival 2007.

His second feature, Kick Off (2009), won 12 international awards, including the Busan International Film Festival 2009’s New Currents Award and FIPRESCI Award. Memories on Stone (2014), won more than 15 international awards, including Best Film from the Arab World at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2014 and the coveted APSA UNESCO Award 2014. Memories on Stone (2014) was also the official Oscar Entry from Iraq that year.
Mehmet Aktas is a scriptwriter, producer, and CEO of production companies mitosfilm and mitosfilm Iraq. Born in Turkey in 1966, he has been living in Berlin since 1995, where he founded the film distribution and production company mitosfilm.

He has produced films such as No One Knows About Persian Cats (Bahman Ghobadi, 2009), winner of the Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes Film Festival 2009, and Song of My Mother (Erol Minta?, 2014), which won Best Film at the Sarajevo Film Festival 2014. As a scriptwriter, Akta? received the Amanda Award for Best Screenplay at the Norwegian International Film Festival 2014 for Letter to the King (Hisham Zaman, 2014). Memories on Stone (Shawkat Amin Korki, 2014), which he produced and for which he wrote the script, won various international prizes, including Best Film of the Arab World and the UNESCO Prize at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2014. Memories on Stone (2014) was also the official Oscar entry from Iraq in 2014.
Autumn 2015 - In a mountainous village in Iraqi Kurdistan a mother (80) is dying. Her eldest son, Tahir (55), is a Peshmerga fighting ISIS (The Islamic State). He is granted permission to visit his mother for the last time. Bewar (48) has returned from Germany, after 15 years, to see his mother before she passes. Bako (40) lives in Kurdistan. He is Bewar and Tahir’s youngest brother and runs a car dealership.

Bako’s wife tells Tahir and Bewar that he has lost everything, his wealth, the business and even the house, because of gambling. Tahir feels that Bako is anxious for their mother to pass away as soon as possible, so that he can use his inheritance to pay off his debts. Bewar tries to calm the situation, warning his brothers to let their mother die in peace.

Meanwhile, Tahir learns that Bako has been collaborating with ISIS by selling them trucks. Bako tries to explain himself by claiming that he has been deceived, but Tahir orders Bako to join the Peshmerga as a volunteer in order to preserve their family honor.

Bako is killed in combat, and his body is buried in the village cemetery, in the same grave he intended for his mother. Tahir confesses to Bewar that, in fact, it was he who murdered Bako to restore their family’s honor, and that he now wishes to die himself on the frontline.
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