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PROJECT The God of Karatas Village (HD / color / 90-100min / Kazakhstan) NO 12
PRODUCTION Short Brothers
PROJECT STATUSScript Development
Adilkhan Yerzhanov was born in Jezkazgan city, Kazakhstan, on August 7, 1982. In 2009, he graduated from the Kazakh National Academy of Arts, as a film director. He has directed many shorts, and four full-length feature films: Realtors (2011), Constructors (2013), The Owners (2014) - world premiere at Cannes Film Festival, and The Plague at the Karatas Village (2016) - presented at the CentEast Market Warsaw in 2015, and receiving its world premiere and a NETPAC Award at International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2016. In summer 2015, Adilkhan completed a documentary for the Power of Asian Cinema series (made for Busan International Film Festival and the KBS Network), and his project in development, Sunrise, was an official selection at the APM, Busan International Film Festival 2015.
Olga Khlasheva is a graduate of the EAVE Film Marketing Workshop, Luxemburg, and EWA Women Online Marketing Training, Istanbul. Since 1997, Olga has worked as a head of international relations for Kazakhfilm JSC, the biggest national film company in Kazakhstan. Alongside international relations, Olga has worked as a foreign relations coordinator on projects including Killer (Darezhan Omirbaev, 1998), Nomad (Sergey Bodrov, 2005), The Hunter (Serik Aprymov, 2004), and Ulzhan (Volker Schloendorf, 2007). In 2013, she started as a producer on Adilkhan Yerzhanov’s Constructors (2013), followed by The Owners (2014), and The Plague at the Karatas Village (2016), and projects by Adilkhan currently in development, Sunrise - selected for the APM, Busan International Film Festival 2015, and The God of Karatas Village - script development, selected at the APM, Busan International Film Festival 2016.
Nurbek is a police investigator who was fired after a quarrel with his superior.

20 years ago he left his home village, but now returns to investigate an accident which killed his young sister.

In Karatas Village, everyone is linked by blood. Nurbek’s brother, an imam at the main mosque, is close friends with the mayor of the village. The mayor’s nephew is chief of police, and his younger brother is the one to blame for the accident.

Nurbek can’t believe that his own brother, trusting in God, absolved the guilty over the death of their younger sister. He can’t understand the many changes which have taken place in Karatas over the past 20 years. He can’t understand how knowing the right people became more important than a human life.

Despite appearing to ‘make peace’, seemingly sottish investigator Nurbek begins to uncover the darkest secrets of Karatas. The deeper he digs, the more evidence he discovers of the villagers guilt.

Nurbek learns the truth of the rapid rise to wealth and power of the local officials. He uncovers documentary proof of the illegal privatization of Soviet-era assets, a carefully planned conspiracy involving the participation of all the present big guns in the village.

Nurbek’s own brother, the imam, asks him to leave Karatas in order to avoid tragedy.

But, Nurbek remains, unable to discontinue his investigation, and conflict looms.
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