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PROJECT The Emperor (HD / color+B&W / 95min / Korea) NO 8
DIRECTOR MIN Byung-hun, LEE Sang-hun
WRITER MIN Byung-hun
PROJECT STATUSProduction, Financing
DIRECTOR - MIN Byung-hun, LEE Sang-hun
Min Byung-hun studied cinematography at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) in Moscow. His debut feature, graduation film The Flight of the Bee (1998), was a great success, winning awards at many prestigious film festivals. Movies such as Let’s Not Cry (2001), Pruning the Grapevine (2006), Touch (2012), and Begging Island: Let It Be (2014) followed. Min is continuously making movies, and his most recent art project, I’m Feng (2015), a film describing the artistic world of Feng Zheng Jie, was selected at Jeonju International Film Festival, and also at Seoul Independent Film Festival scheduled later this year.

Lee Sang-hun was an assistant director on short films Nostalgia (Min Byung-hun, 2011), The Sight of Owl (Min Byung-hun, 2014), and a documentary Begging Island: Let It Be (Min Byung-hun, Lee Sae-young, 2014). He was also an assistant director, cinematographer and editor of feature film I’m Feng (Min Byung-hun, 2015), and short film The Pathway to Senses (Min Byung-hun, 2015), and assistant director, director of photography, and producer of short documentary film Coexistence with Shihwa Lake (Min Byung-hun, 2016). Lee is a co-director, and director of photography on feature film project The Emperor, which will be his co-directorial debut.
Kim Suk-bum specialized in film studies at the University of North Texas, before working as a planning producer on Touch (Min Byung-hun, 2012). He was also a member of the executive committee for the Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, an examiner for the Korea Media Rating Board, and is currently a professor of theater and film studies at the University of Suwon.

Min Byung Hun Film Co. Ltd. has produced Pruning the Grapevine (Min Byung-hun, 2006), Mask and Mirror (Min Byung-hun, 2012), Touch (Min Byung-hun, 2012), Love Never Fails (Min Byung-hun, 2014), The Pathway to Senses (Min Byung-hun, 2015), and I’m Feng (Min Byung-hun, 2015).
In a darkened auditorium, a black grand piano stands in the middle of the stage. We see a man sitting in front of the piano. His name is Sun-wook. He closes his eyes as if deep in thought. Seven people sit in the auditorium, their faces obscured in darkness. Suddenly, the pianist opens his eyes, puts his hands to the piano and begins to play the first movement of Beethoven’s Concerto Emperor. The music gradually touches the people in the audience, and they slowly fall under the spell of the miraculous sounds. After seven minutes of playing, the pianist suddenly smashes his hands down upon the piano keyboard. The music stops abruptly. The room is filled with a great emptiness and silence. The people are speechless, and soon filled with unknown sorrow and pain. We see the pianist playing the piano, transcending time and space, beyond city and nature. Soon the film guides us to a space where we can look deeply within ourselves and seek out who we really are. The journey of our characters and of their fantasies leads us to a spiritual healing and salvation. Throughout the battle within us and the miracle of our nature, we encounter moments when our souls are laid bare. These people desire to throw away their lives, and nature hopes to give them back...
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