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PROJECT Memories of the Sword (35mm / Color / 120min / Korea) NO 21
PROJECT STATUSFinancing, Pre-production
Park Heungsik is a Korean screenwriter and director, whose debut “I Wish I Had a Wife (2001)”won the Best New
Director at the PaekSang Arts Awards. Park wrote and directed “My Mother, the Mermaid”, which won the Grand Prix at
the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, and the Orient Express Award at the Fantasporto Film Festival. Park’s
other works include “Bravo My Life (2005)” and the drama “My Sweet City (2008)”, consisting of sixteen episodes
produced for the Korean broadcaster SBS.
Total Production Service Company is a pioneer of production services in the Korean film industry.
Founded in 2007, TPS Company was created by savvy producers, line producers, production
managers and location managers with expansive experience in more than thirty commercial films.
TPS produced, “Ride Away (Im Sungwoon, 2007)”, “Paju (Park Chanwok, 2009)”, and “The Front
Line (Jang Hun, 2011)”.
This is a story of three swordsmen, Jongul, Sullang, and Dukgi, who led an uprising during the era of the Koryo Dynasty.
When their desire for freedom and justice is about to be fulfilled, Dukgi betrays them, leading to the death of Jongul,
and to Sullang disappearing along with Jongul’s daughter Hong-ee. When Sullang leaves, Dukgi intones the prophecy
that “You, no, not just you, but you and I both will be killed by Hong-ee”.

Eighteen years later, Sullang, now called Wallso, is a blind woman with two children and manages a tea house at
Byukran port. Determined to take revenge on Dukgi, Wallso tries to teach Hong-ee to become a master of the sword,
but Hong-ee (who changed her name to Sulhee) is much more interested in day to day affairs than what happened to
her father in the past.

One day, a big sword match hosted by the military ruler Dukgi (now known as Youbaek) is held in the market. Sulhee
participates in the match despite of Wallso’s objection. As the match progresses, she ends up fighting Yull, who is the
master of the sword.

Youbaek relises that Sulhee`s skill with the sword reminds Sullang`s, whom he once loved. Youbaek orders his
subordinates to catch Sulhee, and Sulhee runs away. The same night, Sulhee gets to know how her father, Jongul,
died. Wallso tells her that there are two enemies that Sulhee is destined to vanquish: Youbaek, and
Wallso herself. Shocked and desperate, Sulhee leaves home: the beginning of a long journey of revenge.
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