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PROJECT An Innocent Trip to New York (HD / Color / 90min / Indonesia) NO 17
Teddy Soeriaatmadja, born in Tokyo, Japan, has worked on music videos, documentaries and commercials, as well as
five feature films: “Banyu Biru”, “Ruang”, “Badai Pasti Berlalu”, “Ruma Maida” and “Lovely Man”. For “Lovely Man”,
Teddy was nominated in the Best Director category at the Asian Film Awards 2012, alongside such celebrated directors
such as Ashgar Farhadi, Tsui Hark, Zhang Yi Mao, Sono Sion and Wei Te Sheng. Known for his attention to detail,
stunning cinematography and highly developed storytelling ability, Teddy is now based in Jakarta, and is one of the most
acclaimed filmmakers in Indonesia.
Karuna Pictures was established by filmmaker, Teddy Soeriaatmadja, in 1999. At first, the company
focused on projects such as corporate profiles and music videos, but has lately begun developing
feature films. Their latest project, “Lovely Man”, premiered at the Busan International Film Festival
2011, including numerous awards: the Best Actor at the Asian Film Awards 2012, the Best Picture
and the Best Director at the Tiburon International Film Festival, the Best Feature Narrative at the
Tel Aviv LGBT International Film Festival 2011, and the Special Mention award at the Osaka Asian
Film Festival. Karuna Pictures has been one of the most progressive production companies in
Indonesia and the company has utilised the skills of top industry professionals to ensure the best
possible results.
Haji Binsar runs a very small Padang Restaurant in the heart of Jakarta. His wife died a few years ago, and he spends
most of the time working in his restaurant and devoting himself to religion. Haji Binsar has a son, Alfi, who is studying a
MA in economics at New York University. Alfi has always been an independent young man. He has been living in New
York since high school and has not returned home since. He is already settled down with a job, and is happily living
with his partner.

The relationship between Haji Binsar and Alfi has been sour ever since Alfi came out to his father and told him he is gay.
Haji Binsar couldn’t accept it. Haji Binsar always had a dream that Alfi would one day join the marines and follow the
footsteps of his grandfather; this never happened.

One day, Haji Binsar receives an email from Alfi inviting him to a wedding. Alfi is marrying his partner, Greg. His father is
furious and baffled, and decides to fly out to New York to stop the wedding from happening.

This story is a comedy of errors about a strong and determined Muslim father who tries to reconnect with his estranged
son, and ruins his wedding at the same time.
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