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PROJECT Waiting for the Sea (35mm / Color / 95mins / Belgium, France, Germany, Russia) NO 26
PRODUCTION Pallas Film, Silkroad Production, Entre Chien e Loup, MBB, CNC, Russian Ministry
PROJECT STATUSPre-production
Bakhtiar KHUDOJNAZAROV was born on May 29, 1965, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, USSR. He
graduated from VGIK(Russian State Insitute of Cinema) as a film director in 1989. His first film
was SHUTNIKI(Jokers), which he directed in 1986. Then SOBACHIJA OKHOTA(Hunting with Dogs),
a documentary followed in 1988 and in 1989 his VERISH – NE VERISH(Believe or Not). All these
films were done while a student at VGIK.

His first debut feature out of school was BRATAN(Special Jury Mention - Berlin, Prix Trigon Film
Fribourg, Grand Prix Turin) filmed in 1992. Other prize winning films followed, such as
KOSA-BA-KOSH(Silver Lion Venice, Grand Prix Frioburg, Felix nomination) in 1994, LUMNIY
PAPA(Special Prize Tokyo, Prix du Public Brussels, Zolotoj Oven for Best Film and Best Director,
Nika-2000 for Best Director in Moscow) 2000, CHIC(The Suit, 2006 Special Jury Mention
Panorama in Berlin, Jury Prize Sochi, Kinotavr, Special Jury Prize Tokyo, Contribution to World
Visual Art Tokyo) in 2003 or his most recent feature TANKER TANGO.
People laugh about Marat who pushes two train tracks under the hull of his ship. He aims at the
horizon, hunting the vanished sea as he crosses the sandy wasteland. Some people think
Marat is crazy but he still carries out this labor, pulling…Only Tamara the sister of Marat’s
deceased wife, Dari is not laughing. She loves him, but he rejects her. Marat still has one
close friend, Balthasar who is the Ocean Museum director. Everyday he sits at his watch point
and stares into the desert. The town’s inhabitants make fun of him but remain cautious as he is
feared due to his violent son Jasan, nicknamed Gidschakist.

One day the Gidschakist shows Kwidak, a rich local who is passionate about ships,
Marat’s boat. He offers to transport the schooner to a far off river. But Marat doesn`t care about
it and derides Kwidak. Gidschakist and his friends start a fight and finally force Marat to his limits:
to protect his dream he uses his own hands to set his ship on fire.

Next, he finds himself barely alive on a train. At this point Tamara meets him again and their lost
souls find each other in a moment of bitter love…At the same time in the desert a terrible blood
act takes place. The terrorized truck drivers gather to kill Gidschakist without mercy…

Marat has left Tamara as he is obsessed with the thought that the ocean will come back. He
returns to his ship, where he meets Balthasar. As an atonement for the crimes of his dead son,
he begins to rebuild Marat’s burned down schooner. As the old friends cry, they meet up together
to discuss vital preparations to pull the ship towards the ocean. Then however, an unexpected
event occurs: a violently windy storm comes and a plane in an emergency calls Balthasar in
order to land on the old track near the village. Marat, stays on his boat. Hundreds of people
begin working until their hands bleed.

But the airplane does not land at all. Only briefly the airplane’s lights flash and shortly after it
disappears into the black sky.

The following morning the people begin to realize that the ship has sailed together with Marat.
The only thing that can be seen is the wet sand. Then suddenly the unheard-of happens: the
ocean has returned. However the people do not believe in it and therefore the ocean retreats
from them once again and this time it takes with it Marat who will never return.
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