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PROJECT The Silver Gate (35mm / Color / 110mins / France, Germany) NO 21
PROJECT STATUSIn development
Born in Dersim(East Anatolia, Turkey) in 1974, Nuray SAHIN attended grammar school in
Erzincan. She appeared on the stage at the early age of twelve at the Erzincan Belediye
Theatre. She went on an acting tour of the Black Sea coast in 1992; and was trained in acting
at Konak Belediye Theatre, in Izmir. Since the age of 15 she has been writing short stories.
She moved to Berlin in 1994 with the purpose of studying filmmaking. In 1995, she began her
first short film and, one year later, she became a student at DFFB(German Film and Television
Academy in Berlin). She graduated in 2004 as a screenwriter and director.

In 2000, her short film, DIE LETZTE PATRONE(The Last Cartridge) was nominated for the Cinema
for Peace Award in the official selection of the Berlinale. In 2004, she made for ZDF FOLGE DER
FEDER!(Follow the Feather!) and received numerous awards(Audience Award, Best Debut
Director, Best Debut Writer, Best German Camerawork of the Year) in Mannheim-Heidelberg,
Torino and Ankara Film Festivals. She is working as a co-writer for German films, and also
as an actress, taking roles in TV films in Germany and in One Day in Europe by Hannes STÖHR.
The Silver Gate is the story of a family struggling to survive, just as their culture and their
community struggle to survive. In four seasons, four different old legends and experiences from
the village “Dersim” or “The Silver Door,” are lived out by one particular family member. A blind
father, a grandmother and six children live in this village in Eastern Anatolia. The little girl is the
eyes of her blind father and she tells him all the secrets that he cannot see. The eldest son,
Haydar is a solitary goatherd who uses his knowledge of magic to feed his goats throughout
the hard winter. His knowledge brings in a good source of income, but it is not enough to
sustain the family. His teenage brothers decide to leave for Istanbul, to look for work.

They are fairly lucky there but still, they earn just enough to keep their own heads above water.
Meanwhile, at home, the three very young children have been left with their blind father and
aging grandmother, and are vulnerable to the more malicious forces of magic that endanger the
innocent in this enchanted land. When two of them go to the forest to collect edible roots for the
family, they enter a world that they are not prepared for.

Their encounters with strange people performing ancient rituals cause a series of mishaps,
which leaves one child dead, and the other one transformed into a strange creature.
Life continues, and there is hope for love and a future for the sons, but the chain of misfortunes
is a heavy burden for the grandmother, and she is confined to her bed. When the father speaks
by phone to one of his sons in Istanbul, asking him to return, this one does so immediately.
The other son, however, remains in Istanbul just long enough to use the one bit of magic that he
has learned along the journey to get the money they will need to save the family.
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