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PROJECT Trace (35mm / Color / 120mins / Korea) NO 23
PRODUCTION Barunson Co., Ltd.
PROJECT STATUSIn development
Born in 1975, HAN Jae-rim graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts in 1998. He started his
film career in 2003 as screenwriter and assistant director for NATURAL CITY directed by MIN
Byung-chun. In 2003, HAN won the Best Screenplay at the Korean Film Council Screenplay
Contest with RULES OF DATING, which he co-wrote and made his debut as a director in 2005.
The film won a number of awards including Best New Director at the prestigious Grand Bell Film
Awards and Best Screenplay at the Blue Dragon Awards, and screened at a number of festivals
including in competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

HAN made his second feature film THE SHOW MUST GO ON on starring SONG Kang-ho in 2007
and was praised for having innovated the ‘Korean Film Noir’ genre. The film was invited to San
Sebastian International Film Festival and won Best Film at the Korean Film Critics Association
Awards and at Blue Dragon Awards. He is acclaimed as one of the most representative
directors of the new generation of Korean cinema.
After spending many years abroad, Yoon-sung returns to Korea, his native country, to attend a
party celebrating the success of a new cancer medicine developed by his father’s
pharmaceutical company that might bring forth the complete cure for cancer. On their way back
home after the happy family reunion, Yoon-sung and his father are assaulted in a parking lot by
an unidentified person with a superhuman power and speed. Yoon-sung’s father dies in the
assault, and Yoon-sung falls into coma. After many days spent in hospital, Yoon-sung wakes up
from the coma and is shocked to find himself having turned into one of the superhuman kind
called ‘Trace’. He is clueless as to how he gained the supernatural power.

Suspicious of the cursory closure of the investigations into his father’s death, Yoon-sung takes
matters into his own hands and starts to investigate the case himself. Digging up the intentionally
buried clues, he finds out that another ‘Trace’ named Hee-sup is involved in the assault on his
father and himself. Hee-sup, full of resentment toward the world after losing his son in an
accident, attempts to kill Yoon-sung by any and all means. Yoon-sung, in order to protect
himself from Hee-sup’s repeated assaults, has no choice but to bring out his hidden
supernatural power to its extreme.

In order to figure out how he became a ‘Trace’ and why Hee-sup, his fellow ‘Trace’, desperately
wants to kill him, Yoon-sung realizes that the truth regarding his father’s death is the key to all
his questions. He comes to find out about the conspiracy involving a huge pharmaceutical
conglomerate and realizes that he and Hee-sup have had something to do with it in their past.
Now he must confront the shocking truth that unveils itself.
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