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PROJECT Leafie (aka. YIPSAK-A Chicken wild) (35mm / Color / 90mins / Korea) NO 30
WRITER KIM Eun-jung, NA Hyun
PRODUCER LEE Eun, SHIM Jaemyung, KIM Sunku
DIRECTOR - OH Sung-yoon
Director OH Sung-yoon graduated with an arts major at a college of fine arts. Mr. OH
headed the planning department at Seoul Movie company and is currently the co-
president and acting chief production manager at Odoltogi Co.. Mr. OH is currently
directing ‘YIPSAK – A Chicken Wild’, a feature animation film which is co-produced with
MK Pictures.

Mr. OH produced a large number of successful animation films including ‘Politics! Be
(short animation) at MBC TV Magazine Show, OVA `GoInDol`, Presidential
Election Campaign CF, ‘Winter Lyricism’, feature animation ‘Dooly-the Adventure to
Ice Planet’
, Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education’s educational
animation film ‘As is—the Magical Story’, National Human Rights Commission of Korea’s
short animation ‘Byul Byul Story’ and Jeju 4.3 Peace Park’s educational animation film
PRODUCER - LEE Eun, SHIM Jaemyung, KIM Sunku
MK Pictures, established in 1995, is a one of the leading film production companies in Korea,
providing an innovative approach toward new ideas, an efficient film production system, and
advanced modern marketing strategies. With the success of numerous films including ‘Contact’
, ‘Joint Security Area’, ‘A Good Lawyer’s Wife and ‘Forever the Moment’
, MK Pictures has contributed to the steady improvement of the Korean film industry to
reach a higher quality and attain world renowned fame.

With it’s well reported successes, MK Pictures will continue to develop modern
communication values, continue to implement optimal film business models including more efficient
marketing, production and distribution systems which will work as a bases in formulating a more
advanced domestic and international film business model.

MK Pictures also aims toward becoming a premier cultural content company which will be
dedicated to introducing and delivering Korean cultural products to the world through a balancing of
the Korean artisan spirit as a cultural developer and its cutting edge technical prowess as a film
Leaf is a hen confined to a chicken farm for laying eggs. However she holds fast to her
dreams of escaping out into the yard and living freely in a place where she can care
for her own eggs. To make herself appear like a frail discardable old hen, she starves
herself for days and is finally abandoned at the waterhole and succeeds in escaping.
Just before the weasel, One-eye, can make a meal out of her, Leaf is saved by Drifter,
and she leaves the puddle for the yard. However, families in the yard—far from
welcoming—ostracize her and drive her out. Disappointed, Leaf goes to the plain.

Leaf gradually grows accustomed to her new life of freedom, and settles into a nest
with the help of an otter, Dalsoo. Leaf runs into Drifter again by chance, but is jealous
when she sees him being affectionate with Milky Duck… Milky Duck is attacked by
One-eye, the weasel. At the couple’s nest Leaf finds a pretty white egg that she
carefully sits down upon to keep warm. Drifter begins protecting Leaf and the egg.
One night, Drifter dies protecting his egg in a bloody fight with the weasel but just
before he dies, he tells Leaf to go to the swamp after the baby is born. The egg
hatches and Green, a baby duck, is born. As Green grows, he does not get along
well with Leaf.

Arriving at the swamp, the conflict between the two, owing to their natural differences,
is becoming serious. At last Green leaves home for the yard where he is caught by
the farm owner and is on the verge of losing his wing. Hearing the news, Leaf and
Dalsoo rush to the yard and save Green. Escaping the yard, Leaf and Green encounter
One-eye at a cliff. In a life-and-death struggle, both Green and One-eye fall over a
precipice. Right at that moment, Green flies up high. He finally succeeds in flying.

At the desolate swamp, migratory birds arrive. Leaf who realized why Drifter told her
to go to the swamp after the baby was born, sends Green to the flocks of the birds
and encourages Green to take part in the flight contest to select the new guards,
saying she believes that Green will be able to become a brave guard just like his
father. Before winter is over, a race to select the guard commences…
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