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PROJECT Arrested Memories (35mm / Color / 120mins / Korea, Japan) NO 1
Born in Japan, SABU made his debut as an actor in ‘Sorobanzuku’(1986)and won
the Best New Actor Award at Yokohama Film Festival with ‘World Apartment
. In 1996, SABU makes his directorial debut with ‘Non-Stop’. His second
feature ‘Postman Blues’(1997) received positive responses from various film
festivals starting with the Sundance Film Festival and won the Best New Director Award
at the Cognac Festival du Film Policier.

After being invited to the Berlin Film Festival successively with ‘Unlucky Monkey’(1997),
and then with his third film ‘Monday’(1999), SABU won the FIPRESCI Prize for the
latter. Creating a buzz with his ensemble cast, ‘Drive’(2001) won him the Best Asian
Film Award at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal and Canada. Marking a new
phase in SABU’s works, his sixth feature ‘Blessing Bell’(2002) won him the NETPAC
Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

SABU is also known for having worked with the pop group V6 in his ‘Hard Luck Hero’
(2003) and ‘Hold Up Down’(2005) realizing a new way of artistic collaboration. On top
of this, he directed ‘Dead Run’(2005) based on the Naoki Prize winning novel by
SHIGEMATSU Kiyoshi and was awarded with Best Feature Film at the Syracuse Film
PRODUCER - SUH Young-joo
Well-known as a pioneer at introducing Korean films overseas, SUH Young-joo
is a veteran sales agent and a producer who is dedicated to acclaimed and emerging
film directors, producers and distributors worldwide. SUH Young-joo is actively
handling not only Korean film but also international titles as a producer and/or a sales

SUH Young-joo was the founder of Cineclick Asia where she has represented
many of the best known Korean films such as LEE Chang-dong’s ‘Oasis’,
PARK Chanwook’s ‘Old Boy’, KIM Ki-duk’s 7 titles including ‘Samaritan
, ‘3-Iron’, and ‘Spring’, ‘Summer, Fall, Winter and
, and BONG Joon-ho’s ‘The Host’. She has represented not
only Korean films but also a wide spectrum of films such as ‘Tuya’s Marriage’
(China), ‘Exodus’(Hong Kong), ‘Lucky Miles’(Australia), ‘Opium War’
(Afghanistan) and ‘Lion’s Den’(Argentina).

Fine Cut is a startup film company specializing in international sales and
marketing, production, financing and acquisition of high-end films which was recently
launched by SUH Young-joo.
Captain Frank Hollerman is a legendary detective at police headquarters. He’s at the top
of his game, but things go horribly wrong when he loses his memory during an
undercover operation, and all of his detectives are killed. Hollerman has Alzheimer’s

After the incident, Hollerman is assigned to a kidnapping case involving the young son
of Eubanks, the millionaire. Hollerman heads to the train station as instructed by the
kidnappers with the ransom money but forgets what his mission is by the time he
arrives. Detectives watching Hollerman lose him in the station and he disappears
in a car provided by the kidnappers.

Hollerman wanders into a junkyard where he plays on a trampoline, just like he did
when he was a child. He spots Rachel lying on the grass, overdosed on pills and
inadvertently saves her. Just then,a speeding car flips over and crashes on the
highway in front of Hollerman. He offers to help the injured couple but they refuse.
Arriving at an old hotel, Hollerman takes a roomnext door to an academic-looking
man and a teenage girl. Hollerman’s suspicions grow and he barges into their room,
accidentally shoving the man out the window.

Hollerman runs down the highway, eventually forgetting what he’s running from.
He takes a break at a roadside bar where he meets Rachel again. She realizes
that he has Alzheimer’s disease and gives him her phone number with a meaningful
confession. When detectives come chasing after him,Hollerman runs away with a man
from the bar, not realizing that he is one of the kidnappers. Hollerman accidentally
pushes a man wearing a trench coat into oncoming traffic, killing him.

Unexpectedly, Hollerman ends up in the kidnappers’ hideout. They soon realize that
Hollerman is the man they were supposed to meet to exchange the ransom.
The gang gives Hollerman the beating of his life which actually brings his memory back.
Hollerman remembers and takes out the entire gang. He emerges from the hideout half
dead with the boy. They’re surrounded by police, media and onlookers. The boy is
reunited with his parents and Hollerman is now a hero.

Hollerman rescued Eubanks’s son and at the same time smashed an international drug
ring that police had been after for years. In the end, Hollerman runs into Rachel on the
streets and remembers her. He moves in with Rachel’s bizarre, dysfunctional family.
He happily bounces on a trampoline in the back yard, just like he did when he was a
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