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PROJECT TAHAAN - A Boy with a Grenade (aka. Boy with Grenade) (35mm / Color / 120mins / India) NO 4
Santosh SIVAN directed ′The Story of Tiblu′ for which he won the National award. His film ′Halo′won the Indian National award, Special Jury Prize at 7th Cairo Film Festival, Children’s Film fest-Canada and Critics award for Best Film-Film fare. ′The Terrorist′ won Best Director at the Golden Pyramid Award, Best film at Cairo, Sundance and National Award, Emerging Master at Seattle, Toronto Film Festival, Grand Jury Prize at Cineamnila Festival, Special Jury Prize at Sarajevo Festival and was nominated for the Independent Spirits Award. The film was also listed in Roger Eberts 100 best Films.

His film ′Malli′ won the National Award-India, National Award-Poland, Poznan Goats for Best Director, Silver Prize-Chicago, Best Film-International Children’s Film Festival-Hyderabad and Best film audience prize at the Indian film festival-Los angles. ′Asoka′ was at Venice and Toronto Film Festivals. His film ′Navarasa′ won the National Award and Monaco Award for Best film and participated in PUSAN and ROTTERDAM film festival. ′Anandabhadram′ won several state awards.

His ′Before the Rains′ (Gala Presentation) and ′Prarambha′ (Maverick’s section) will premiere at Toronto Film Festival 2007. He has also produced (′The Terrorist′, ′Malli′, ′Navarasa′ & ′Before the Rains′).
He has won the National Award for best Cinematographer for ′Perumthachan′, ′Kaalapani′, ′Mohiniyattam′, ′Iruvar′, ′Dil Se′.
Dastaan is a fable-like journey of a boy Tahan who loses his innocence in an endeavor to fulfill his dream.

In a trouble torn land, Tahan grows up wanting to know his purposes in life, amidst gunshots in forbidden mountains. At his grandfather’s death, the local money-lender Gafoor takes away the family sheep and donkey against repayment of a pending loan. Life for him, his mother and sister is tough.

Attaining his beloved donkey ‘Kala’ from Gafoor becomes Tahan’s greatest desire.

Depleting resources in the household worry Tahan. He approaches Gafoor for employment. At Gafoor’s shop, he is devastated to see an old man Naseer offers him a job as a helper. Tahan is delighted but finds its not remotely sufficient.

Muzam, a teenage boy, approaches him with a dangerous but lucrative offer.

Tahan accompanies Muzam into the forbidden hills where a militant Amjad presents a grenade and instructs him to carry it on his journey. Tahan has to throw it at an army camp near the old man’s house. Amjad warns him to tell no one and promises him lots of money. Tahan though tempted declines.

He’s heartbroken when he learns that he would have to make many trips to afford Kala. After insults and defeated efforts at money making, Tahan accepts Amjad’s offer. Tahan sets off on a journey over the mountains with Naseer, 7 donkeys and grenade. The prophetic old man doesn’t befriend Tahan at first but slowly warms up to this energetic and determined soul. They chance upon many fascinating characters who reflect war and terror. Tahan learns that Naseer’s family is a victim if war and only his young grandson has survived. At the house, the boys bond. The grandson invites Tahan to his workplace, a teastall near the army camp.
At the camp, Tahan sees the grandson serving tea as he pulls the pin off the grenade. It is a moment of realization for Tahan as starts to recognize the potential of loss and debacle. And that’s not his purposes of life. Holding the live grenade down, he runs for his life from the camp. Naseer hears the explosion and rushes to Tahan. Tahan has impeded catastrophe by throwing the grenade into the lake. Naseer embraces Tahan with pride and solace.
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