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PROJECT Texture of Skin (35 mm / Color / 100 min / Korea) NO 9
PROJECT STATUSscript development
DIRECTOR - LEE Sung-gang
LEE Sung Gang graduated from Yonsei University in 1986 with a Psychology degree. He has produced and directed several movies since 1996. [Ash in the Bush](1998) had won Japan Image Forum Excellence Award and was invited to Ansi Animation Festival and Melbourne Film Festival. In 2002, his feature animation [Marie’s Story] won the Grand Prix at Ansi 2002. Currently he lectures on Animation at the Korean Academy of Film Arts.
Minwoo, a photo journalist in his early 30s, bumps into his once lover, Younghee, who’s now a married housewife. She proposes that they meet for sex but nine times only, and thus starts his escapist physical relationship.

Then one day, he witnesses a freak accident where a pursued man gets hit by a speeding car, and the pursuer runs off as Minwoo feels for the fallen man’s last pulse. Shortly after this incident, Minwoo moves in to a new workshop and there he finds traces of the previous tenant girl, Jong-yi. Jong-yi’s presence becomes ever more real, and he has hallucinated of her as he’s having sex with Younghee even.

With another reporter Park, Minwoo is assigned to an investigative story of a political swindler named Jun-ki Shin, who disappeared while under APB. This takes him stake out near the flat of a prostitute named Soo-mi where Jun-ki had been seen before.

Meanwhile, the supernatural phenomenon continues to occur at his new workshop, and Minwoo’s hallucination of Jong-yi worsens, making him realize that Jong-yi’s spirit is in the house. And her spirit is transferred steadily to Minwoo.
During the stakeout, Ki-jun surfaces, and Minwoo finally captures the meeting of the fugitive Ki-jun and the prostitute Soo-mi with the camera. During a close-up of Soo-mi, Minwoo senses a hidden link between her and the girl’s spirit.

After nine sexes, Young-hee leaves Minwoo.
Minwoo visits the brothel where Soo-mi works, and finds out that she’s the reincarnation of the man Jong-yi once loved. During the last hallucination, Minwoo sees the secret link between the accident he witnessed and the girl’s death.

And the following morning, in the mirror, he sees Jong-yi’s spirit inside him.
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