6-8 October 2019

22nd Asian Project Market

Participation Guide

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Official APM Project Participants (Directors and Producers)

Benefit of Selected Projects
  1. Representative (director & producer) of the project will be officially invited to APM.
  2. The selected projects will be provided with one-on-one meetings with film industry professionals.
  3. Selected projects will automatically be nominated for APM awards.
APM Meeting photo
APM Awards
- The selected projects become official contestants for APM awards presented by APM official sponsors. The winners of APM Awards will be announced at the APM Awards Ceremony.
APM Awards photo

Participants at Asian Film Market (Film industry professionals)

Individual Project Meeting
- Asian Film Market badge holders including production companies and financiers will have the privilege to be first introduced to the projects discovered by APM. Along with APM project meetings, market badge holders will also have the opportunity to meet the projects that are selected during the Asian Film Market events, such as winner of Book to Film, an event that bridges film and publishing industries, as well as the winner of Entertainment Intellectual Property (E-IP) pitching event.
Online Screening Service
- Asian Film Market provides market badge holders with the Online Screening Service, which provides access to previous works of APM directors and a diverse line-up from international sales companies. This service will help you easily gain background knowledge about directors and their films, enabling more efficient and successful discussions regarding co-production, financing and acquisition. Furthermore, APM holds partnership with Festival Scope to provide film professionals an opportunity to meet APM projects as well as previous films of the directors via Festival Scope website.
What is Asian Film Market?
- Asian Film Market is a comprehensive market designed to cover every aspect of film business including sales, acquisition, financing, development, location, production, and post-production. Asian Film Market is open to individuals, companies, various associations and organizations involved in film industry from all around the globe. For more details, please visit the Asian Film Market website.